End Users Productivity in Model-based Spreadsheets: An Empirical Study

Spreadsheets are widely used by end users, and studies have shown that most end-user spreadsheets contain non-trivial errors. To improve end users productivity, recent research proposes the use of a model-driven engineering approach to spreadsheets. In the paper “End Users Productivity in Model-based Spreadsheets: An Empirical Study” we conduct the first systematic empirical study to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of this approach. A set of spreadsheet end users worked with two different model-based spreadsheets, and we present and analyze the results achieved.

In this page we make available all the data from this study, so it can help other researchers preparing and running similar studies.

We used the following three spreadsheets in our study:

The task description for each of them is available below:

The spreadsheet with the grades and the times for each participant can be downloaded here.